of Wall Street



Of Wall Street is a business name for a company in the finance industry. Of Wallstreet can be used on anything in the Fintech world. The possibilities are endless.


Ideas For This Brand

  • Venture capital
  • Newspaper
  • Fintech
  • Magazine name
  • Startup HUB
  • Finance consultancy



Down below you can see different examples of the logo. It’s important to think long-term with logotypes and make it usable on all devices and prints. From my experiences with logos the key is to keep it minimalistic and simple.

Team Up or Buy The Concept

I’m currently running multiple businesses and I’m really enjoying it. Working with concepts is the one thing I really want keep doing. That’s why I offer you two solutions. Solution one is that we team up and work together with concepts, I will provide concepts and ideas and you will take the role as operationally responsible. Solution two is that you simply buy the concept from me. Contact me via the form below and we’ll work something out.