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We are a group of entrepreneurs who’ve always felt in our hearts that we want to create and build large companies. We are currently running several projects, but this is just the beginning. We have a vision and a mission that we want to share with you. This is our story.

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Successful people must find their own path to success. The journey will be crooked and difficult, but if you truly want the thing at the end of the road, you will reach it.

When we were 22 years old, we started our first digital company and after that the projects just kept coming. We have succeeded, but we have also failed many times. We soon realized that all our failed projects had one and the same problem, we focused too much on the product and far too little on sales. We know today that everything starts and ends with sales regardless of whether it is a physical or digital product.

Starting and running a business has not always been easy. We have been in survival mode for several years where we did not earn a single crown. But you should never regret failed projects. Instead, one should always try to learn from their mistakes and use the experience as fuel to continue. If you are too scared to fail, you will never succeed as an entrepreneur or businessman. You have to work thousands of hours to create a journey of success.


Many of our goals can be perceived as unrealistic, but we believe in them and will always follow our dreams, no matter what.

We have worked with restaurants, night clubs, advertising, sales and many other web-based projects, but now our aim is limitless. As entrepreneurs we love the trip and to see how far we can go. Over the years, we have learned that we are the ones who decide our boundaries. When we start a new project, we always create a 3-year plan, for a dream without a plan is just a wish. It is important to have ambitions, but you must also be able to organize and analyze the details to see what resources you need for the project.

We are now launching two major international companies that we patiently worked on for several years. Patience is something we have missed our first 10 years as entrepreneurs. We wanted everything to happen NOW, but we have learned how things work. You have to be smart and work strategically to achieve success. It is not the one who runs the fastest, it is who runs the smartest. With great respect we wish you all the best in your journey to success // THE TEAM

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"Dream large,
live larger"